Web Application Development


Maestrosoft Internet Technologies is the leading software development company in Cochin and Coimbatore. We are mainly concentrating on Web based application development. We have developed web applications, PHP based software, customized web applications, Employee management software, Payroll management software, online HR management software, CRM or customer relation management software and customized web applications. Web applications are in great demand these days. Maestrosoft Internet technologies develops high performance web applications for Educational purpose, Marketing, Retail, Hospitals, Hospitality domain, Textile industry etc.

Web application development

Web application is a client – server software application in which application programs reside in remote servers and delivered to user device through web-browsers using internet. Web application development requires front-end, back end and database. Frond end is developed using HTML CSS Bootstrap, JavaScript and JavaScript frameworks such as JSON, Angular.js and JQuery. For Back end we can use server scripting languages like PHP, ASP.net Ruby or Python. Database can be made of MySQL, Oracle or Mongo DB. Server side programming powers client side program.

Web application development have a short development life-cycle by a small team. Web application will have a large amount of information and may contains mistakes hence testing process is more deep than other forms of software. Web applications test procedure includes performance, load, stress, accessibility, usability and quality assurance tests.

Custom software development.

Custom software development is the process of developing deploying software specifically for a person or organization that meet all the requirements, preferences and convenience of the client. Maestrosoft Internet technologies the leading Custom software development company in Coimbatore & Cochin. we expertise in education, health care industry, Retail sales, Tools and machine industries , Travel & tours, Vehicle booking system.

Custom ERP application

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning is a software package that enables an Organization to integrate and manage all the processes into one system. It allows them to collect store manage and share Data across all these process. Thus ERP software can integrate all of the processes needed to run a company. ERP consists many modules to focus on essential business areas such as Production management, sales and marketing, Finance and accounting Management, Customer relation Management, HR and Payroll, inventory management and purchase management.

It enables Better performance, improved customer satisfaction via innovative customer management, cut down your production price, easy data retrieve saves time and money, better finance management and better employee management.

Web based GST billing software

Maestrosoft created Billing software useful for small scale industries, startups and retailers. It is a web based application that can be accessed via internet. Like websites, it has basic features such as invoice creation, Generate Billing, Customer record creation, transaction record, stock update, expense with mobile app facility.